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Our online Product Search Tool is a simple to use program that will provide products for your clients based on the search criteria you provide. Rates and product features are laid out in an easy to read format for you to compare products easily.


Need an Illustration to help you show your client the potential of an Annuity product? We have a simple to use program available for our Agents that will provide you with a professional illustration for you to print and present to your client.


Our online Forms program will provide you wilth the forms you need to complete the sale. This tool will provide you with forms for all the companies in one place. You are able to print customer service forms here also for your clients.

Hot Products

  •  Legacy - LegendMark FIA
  •  Guaranty Income - 6-Yr MYGA
  •  Guggenheim - Highlander Index
  •  Equitrust - 3-Yr MYGA
  •  Sentinel - 5-Yr MYGA


CapitalCare, Inc.'s root's came from Annuities. We started in 1980 and have grown to over 45 companies today. Our marketing staff provides our agents with great case design and unbiased product recommendations. Be assured that when we work with you, our first priority is to help you take care of your clients while taking care of you with competitive commissions.


At CapitalCare, Inc. we pride ourselves on great product knowledge and case work.  Our team of life insurance specialists can quote and shop cases for every situation.  Our carrier line up consists of a multitude of different life insurance products and companies, ranging from simple term and whole life to premium finance and advanced markets.


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Product News, Updates, Carrier Info are at your finger tips in this easy to use APP. IPad Tablet users will have the ability to look up Product information and Run Illustrations also.

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